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The Valleys of Gredos

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Gredos Summer Ride

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The Sierra of Gredos is one of the most characteristic regions of the Iberian Peninsula and the heart of Castile. It is situated between the provinces of Avila, Cáceres and Salamanca, crossed by the Duero and Tajo rivers. The Gredos rides will take you through a very representative part of this magnificent mountain range, in the province of Avila, on the northern slopes of the mountains. Avila is a land of contrasts with Gredos as its great symbol. This isolated region is one of the wildest and less populated areas of Spain. It is an excellent terrain for riding, and offers a great diversity of landscapes. It is a land full of light and colour, where wild nature shows its splendour.

This region offers a rich variety of landscapes, wild nature, mountains ranges, pristine rivers, rural life and medieval villages. It is a traditionally cattle farming area, with beautiful alpine pastures and meadows, open land and many trails where one can ride free. Riding a horse in Gredos is just the natural way of discovering the hidden treasures of inland Spain.

Equiberia home riding tours are in the Sierra de Gredos. If you haven’t ridden with us before, we recommend any of these rides in Gredos. We consider these rides the best introduction to the Equiberia riding holidays.

Immense landscapes, unspoilt nature, remote Castilian villages, great diversity, delicious aperitifs and picnic lunches, charming hotels ... a lot of reasons make this one our most successful ride. One never gets tired of the views, the scents of the wild flowers, and the smiles of the people in the villages. The most spectacular spring ride in the months of May-June, with thousands of wild flowers and the snow in the mountains.

Gredos is one of the best places to ride in the summer, with very pleasant temperatures in the mountains and in the valleys at high altitude, great blue skies, and invigorating and refreshing swims in pristine river pools.

All season through we propose our short breaks (2 or 3 days riding in the Gredos). Depending on the time of the season, we change the day itineraries to ensure the best riding for these escapes.

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